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What is Spinal Degeneration?

Spinal degeneration is a condition characterised by gradual wear and tear to the discs, joints and bones of the spine that typically occurs in older patients but can happen to anyone regardless of age.


Over time, wear and tear to the discs, joints and bones can occur resulting in degenerative changes to the spine. These degenerative changes may include decreased disc height, loss of joint cartilage, bony spurring (osteophytes) and thickening of bone. This condition is known as spinal degeneration.


As this condition progress the spinal canal and intervertebral foramen can begin to narrow (leading to spinal canal stenosis) and may eventually place pressure on the spinal cord and nerves resulting in a variety of symptoms.


It appears that this progressively worsening, degenerative condition is the result of uncorrected spinal misalignment.


Some clients who begin chiropractic care in early stages of Spinal Degeneration discover a restoration of their spinal curves and improved range of motion.  In situations where there has been years of neglect,  we can do very little about the process of decay, we instead turn our attention to those areas of the spine that have not yet been lost or damaged.


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