Genes Don't Define Your Health

Genes are only a starting point. They're not the end and you can influence them in your favor (or against!) I'm surprised how strongly people defend this outdated concept of health.

Genetics TIME.PNG

Your genes are not your lot - not your fate. It's vital to your health for you to thoroughly eradicate this concept from the 50's from your thinking. Right thinking - right results; wrong thinking wrong results. Check out these two references below. They're from 2006 and 2010 (Discover Magazine and Time Magazine).

Discover Genes.PNG

In chiropractic it's all about great communication of your life force across your well maintained nerve system. This part (your thinking and beliefs) affects the quality of the life impulses in your system. If the quality is bad, the communication is bad and the result over time will be ...... what do you think? DrT

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