Are you right about FAT?!

Did anyone not see the TIME cover story - The Truth About Fat?

It's about time the confusion was cleared up a little. There have been many great researchers into health over the last 60 years, but all too often they are shouted down by conventional wisdom (Do you remember what happened to Galileo when he challenged the belief that the sun rotated about the earth?)

In 1972 John Yudkin proved sugar was bad for our health and caused obesity. He was ignored by the medical establishemnt and policy makers in government (See Pure, White and Deadly) But he was right...

In 1987 Eudo Erasmus wrote the landmark "Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill" in which he made fats simple to understand and attacked the march of margarine into our lives. (among many other diet related topics on fat/oils) He was labled a quack by the leading people of the time. (For those of you born before 1975, do you remember the push to margarine and the push to low trans fatty acid margarine?) Anyway, keeping a long rant short, few people listened all those years ago. When I advised my patients to get off margarine and onto butter, into olive oil etc, some just flat out left my practice because of the HERESY I was preaching. You might feel just the same way now... to you I say - educate yourself for your healths sake! Follow the links above/below, get the books and read them. You'll be glad you did!

Anyhow, how this relates to chiropractic is that if you've been avoiding these types of fats and eating all the wrong types for years, you need to rebuild your bodies. How? Using the right fats and oils over time. How long? Maybe a year or more. Yes, a while. Hey, butter tastes better anyway! While you're doing that it's in your best interests to have a well functioning nerve system because that coordinates the rebuild. That's right, it makes things go better. It's called The Master System by medical specialists for a good reason.

In a year your body will be 98% different. Could you chose that to be 98% better? Well, that's up to you.

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