the nervous


The most vital system of the body

Your Nervous System Helps All Parts of the Body to Communicate With Each Other.


Your nervous system, consisting of your brain, spinal cord and all your nerves, is the most vital system of your body. Its purpose is to coordinate and regulate all the other systems of your body as well as help you adapt to your environment.


The nervous system plays a vital role in regulating health of the body. This intricate system consists of your spinal cord, brain and every nerve in your body. It co-ordinates millions of messages which go back and forth from brain and body. Your spine protects the key parts of your nervous system.


The nervous system is susceptible to malfunction in a wide variety of ways, as a result of genetic defects, physical damage due to trauma, poison, infection, or simply ageing.


Everyday activities may cause stress to the nerve system and misalignments in the spine. Chemical and emotional stresses may also interfere with these nerve pathways. These may in turn contribute and affect your overall wellbeing.


Chiropractic Techniques, known as adjustments, are gently applied to correct the spinal position and return the flow of the nervous system. Adjustments enable your body to function more efficiently; removing stresses and enhancing health sometimes even where problems may be silently developing.


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