Feeling comfortable at Chirolife Chiropractic

At Chirolife Chiropractic we aim to make you feel comfortable in our care and to inspire and support you towards advancing your health and wellbeing. Our Chiropractic service includes health and wellness care and is based some simple logics:


  1. Your nervous system is your Master System

  2. The power that made the body heals the body best

  3. Interferences or subluxations in the nervous system prevent your body from operating at the best and optimal levels


Our aim to detect and correct these subluxations. Importantly too, we like to advise you on how to manage your pain yourselves through exercises, stretching and ergonomic advice.  We encourage you to ask any questions you have about your care at any time.

Chiropractic care involves a series of visits and treatments, with each one building on the treatment sessions before:


• Initial Consultation:  This appointment is for us to examine you, to listen and learn about your pain, health and history and to detmine if we can help you.


• Follow Up Visit Here we discuss what we found, talk about your goals and devise a treatment plan together.


• Regular Treatement Shorter, but equally as important appointments, taking only 5 - 20 minutes.