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Introducing Dr Travis Hughes (Dr T) - Hobart Chiropractor

"The palpitations worried me momentarily as I slipped into the oblivion of a drug induced sleep – my only escape from the pain.  I’d taken several tablets that time, sleeping tablets friends had, strong prescription painkillers and something else that I’d kept for ages.  It was the only way to escape the pain of yet another migraine.  The pattern was familiar, for 20 years it was unchanged and I knew I couldn’t more>>


Introducing Dr Brandan J. Sills (Dr J) - Kingston Chiropractor

"Truth be known I would have never chosen chiropractic as a treatment; however, I had tried everything under the sun; excluding surgery, nothing was making the difference.  I was dead set on being a bone surgeon. Little at the time did I know that breaking my back would be one of my greatest blessings more>>



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Tomas A Edison, 1931

Thomas A Edison. 1931

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