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Dr Travis Hughes (Hobart Chiropractor)
Escaping the Pain

"The palpitations worried me momentarily as I slipped into the oblivion of a drug induced sleep – my only escape from the pain.  I’d taken several tablets that time – sleeping tablets friends had, strong prescription painkillers and something else that I’d kept for ages.  It was the only way to escape the pain of yet another migraine. The pattern was familiar – for 20 years it was unchanged and I knew I couldn’t cope.

Consciousness returned in the early hours of the morning. Relief washed over me as I realised two things:
• I had woken up
• The pain was gone"



Something different needed to be done

Dr Travis Hughes had been a patient of chiropractic for 20 years (getting relief) and also a practicing chiropractor for 3 years.  Being like this was not good enough!


The Approach was Simple

Dr Travis recalls; "To cut a long story short, I found a chiropractor who examined me differently.  He took X-rays and wasn’t really interested in my symptoms.  He told me that I had no curves where you should have curves and I really needed to pull my head in.  Next he said my nerve system was under so much strain.  The approach was simple – pull my head in (literally) and put the right curves back.


Several months later I realised that I’d not had a migraine in quite a while.  It was a bit of a shock really.  We focused so little on the symptoms that I literally forgot about them.  I forgot I was supposed to be a migraine sufferer.  Twenty years of migraines ended!  As you could imagine, that impressed me a little.  I checked in on the research and found enough to keep me busy for a few months.  It made sense and better still, it was simple.   What it took was consistent intentional effort following a specific program of care designed to deal with my particular problem.


Seven years later and I’ve not had a single migraine.  I was a chiropractor before I had a purpose – sort of fell into it.  But experiencing the effect of real spinal correction on my own life and relationships has given me purpose and drive to help others.  It introduced me to the power and gift of chiropractic – beyond the dry facts you can learn in University getting your degree.  It also introduced me to the philosophy of chiropractic in a real way."



Chiropractic Education and Training

Dr Travis Hughes graduated from RMIT (Bundoora) in 1996 as a chiropractor.  "After finishing my degree I relocated to Wellington, NZ., married my lovely wife Andrea (who is a Kiwi) and set up two practices in that beautiful city.  We spent three years there getting to know the family, figuring out why you throw the ball backwards whilst going forward (rugby) and building a successful business.  Moving back to Melbourne in 1998 to further my education, I worked as an associate for seven years.  During that time I was involved in coaching other chiropractors, owning and managing in partnership another practice, and growing our family by four boys.


In 2005 it was time for a change and so we found an opportunity to buy a practice in beautiful Hobart (it is a city that so reminds me of Wellington – uncanny).  Our decision made over 1 week, we relocated here in April 2005.  We’ve not looked back – Hobart is a great place."


People look for healing in so many places – mostly outside themselves.

The only true healing comes from Above Down and Inside Out. You cannot put it “in” or “on” from the outside.  So in practice that means that we look to restore uninterrupted communication between your brain down through the spinal cord and out to your body through the nerves.  After Dr Travis's experience of corrective care (CBP) and reading the research behind it, he changed the focus of his chiropractic practice from “pain management” to putting the curves right and straightening out the parts that need to be straight.  Why? So that your “internal doctor” can heal you.


We know all people with a spine need chiropractic care to remain healthy. Research is proving that.  A study from Germany by paediatricians has shown ALL children should have their backs checked for joint problems at birth.  That’s right – at birth because of the high level of trauma seen in “healthy” deliveries.  Communication is the key to living.  It is a law of life.  How many relationships continue to work when the communication breaks down?  Things slowly go wrong, intimacy is lost, crises eventually occur.   It’s the same in the body.  And like all relationships, the early stages of breakdown are usually painless. That’s why regular checkups on your communication system are essential for long term health.



At the beginning, regular care was a challenge for Travis.

"I didn’t really have the time for care – so I only got adjusted when I was in pain.  Now, after my Corrective Care program got me well I get adjusted (treated) once every two weeks…to stay that way.

The damage I did to myself through years of abuse thinking I should “tough it out” rather than make time to look after myself mean that I need to work harder at being well now. So that is what we recommend in practice – that once you get corrected you maintain your wellness through regular checkups.  When you ad to that making some time for yourself every week to maintain fitness, making healthier choices in what you eat, smarter choices in what you allow yourself to think and drinking a lot of water – you’ve got a pretty good wellness program going"


Make a start with your health with Dr Travis Hughes.

"Come on in and you’ll find I’m an excellent listener as well.  Let’s find out how can we help you with today’s safe and natural chiropractic care!

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