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"Be present, be now and be balanced...

Dr Brandan J. Sills, "Dr J" (Kingston Chiropractor)
"Little did I know that breaking my back would be one of my greatest blessings."

"Truth be known I would have never chosen chiropractic as a treatment; however, I had tried everything under the sun; excluding surgery, nothing was making the difference. I was dead set on being a bone surgeon. Little at the time did I know that breaking my back would be one of my greatest blessings."



Brandan always refers to greatest education and achievement being his 20 years in the Military.

It was here that the foundations of high standards were constantly being implemented. Brandan served both as an enlisted soldier and then after receiving his first Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, he was selected above his peers for and active duty spot with the 82nd Airborne at which time he would continue to lead as an officer. After a near fatal parachute accident in 1997 Brandan returned to pursue his desires in education. While maintaining reserve statues in the military, Brandan juggled career and education, to pursue his passion to be a physician. With few years of consistency and hard work he earned his second degree in Human Anatomy and soon followed this with a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic.


Triumph over adversity

Brandan J. Sills (also known as Dr J) life is like a play with three acts but it is also a story of triumph over adversity with a happy ending.

Brandan has been practising in Hobart for the last 8 years. He has become an Australian citizen and is now practising in Kingston.  Brandan has had a journey with many twists and turns, most of them painful.

He always had a yearning to be a healer and help others, something that started when he was just a young boy after his mother spent six months in intensive care after an automobile accident. Brandan said: “The physicians provided excellent care and their gentleness and compassion were comforting to my family and this inspired me to bring these qualities to my own life.”



"My experience as a patient after two near fatal accidents, had given me the empathy and compassion I needed to care for those who were in pain and suffering illness"

Brandan had a near fatal motor cycle accident in 1990 in the town of Omak. He was riding his bike when experienced a bit of a tumble that left him with multiple fractures arms, legs, ribs, punctured lung and a complete facial makeover! It was nearly two months he was unable to care for himself as he was nursed back to health in the hospital and them home nurse care. It was a long and painful recovery.

On May 19, 1997, the final chapter of Brandan J. Sills life began and again the catalyst was an accident. At Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington DC, Brandan and his crew were demonstrating a “Hollywood jump”, or static line jump for a 50 thousand-strong crowd from a height of 800 feet. The routine was carefully planned and something they had done many times and Brandan, as the officer, led his men out of the plane but his chute became entangled with another and his freefall from almost 100 feet left him with multiple vertebral compression fractures.



"During my recuperation I started to fall in love with Chiropractic"

Once again the professionalism of the medical staff caring for him strengthened his desire to become a physician and what followed shaped the best part of his adult life. “During my recuperation I was educated first hand through experiencing the related disciplines of allopathic and osteopathic medicines. The more I learned, even though their philosophies were different, the methodology in the practice of treating the symptom and not the cause appear to be the same in both. That’s where I really started to fall in love with chiropractic.”

Now Dr J believes if it were not for the administrators, assistants, doctors, nurses, aides, chiropractors, osteopaths, physicians, assistants, nutritionists and dieticians who worked with him in the months after the accident he would not have had the gift of recovery.

Adjustments, physical therapy and their attention, presence, compassion all wrapped up with love, along with his desire to never give up aligned with a strong relationship with God through prayer, allowed healing to occur.

Following his recovery he had an administrative role at the Womack Army Medical Centre and during this 18-month period he learned that the majority of all non-traumatic in-patient concerns and illnesses might be completely avoided if prior education of the balance of spirit, mind and body were more at the forefront or practitioner conversation.


The power that made the body, heals the body

Resistance to study chiropractic was finally overcome as Brandan put all the pieces of his former life together. As Brandan's chiropractor had quoted many times before, the power that made the body heals the body.

Brandan's belief in the spirit, mind and body of his patients comes through a clear understanding that it is the power within all of us that heals and it is the choice we all have to heal ourselves. He learned more about himself and how the fuel of the mind, body and spirit will bring people to where they need to be, regardless of where they think they were headed.

Still recovering from his parachute trauma, Brandan sat his chiropractic boards a record 14 times because the wiring of his brain was still not back to where it needed to be. He was so determined to become a healer he never gave up. Now in his home town of Hobart Dr J says: “What a journey it has been. Often I get so caught up in trying to get somewhere that I forget the value to the journey sits within the present moment.”



Dr J teaches and lives a life of gratitude, presence and service and has his clients laughing at themselves as he heals.

Align the spine with the divine one vertebrae at a time!” is the Di Martini quote that you will hear from his upstairs boutique practice in downtown Hobart. As he empowers his patients and friends he gains more followers. He has worked hard to be the best at whom he is.


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