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Back Pain - How Chirolife Chiropractic Can Help

Almost everyone gets back pain at some time, and some people experience disabling back pain, but staying active where possible, together with the help of chiropractic treatment, may well be the best solution for your pain management and prevention.


Back Pain is a common condition that can often be attributed to lifestyle factors – working at a computer for long periods, driving for considerable periods, as well as bending, lifting and reaching as part of your daily work routine. All these activities contribute to our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. The good news is that together with the expert team Chirolife Chiropractic you can begin your road to recovery with safe and effective treatment.


Scientific studies comparing chiropractic care with medical care and physical therapy show that chiropractic treatment relieves chronic and severe pain, both immediate and long-term, in one-half the time it takes orthodox medical physicians.  Scientific studies also demonstrate the value of manipulation as the most effective and cost-effective form of treatment for dysfunctional problems in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spines.


Symptoms of Back Pain

There are many different types of symptoms associated with back pain. Back pain may be localised in the low back or it can radiate into the buttocks, groin or legs.

Patients often report pain to be:

  • Sharp

  • Aching

  • Dull

  • Stiff

  • Stabbing

  • Shooting or Electrical


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